As you track down your foe, racing behind him towards a bobbing alien artifact, suddenly, as he beats you to the spot, a bright green light erupts and everything changes!  A wild looking mechanical spider sprouts from his body, and he turns towards you firing at twice the normal rate and able to absorb your return fire with impunity – you’re frightened – and you should be.

With Generation 3, we are amping up the “weird alien shit” factor quite a bit.  You probably should have expected that given the detail and twisted look of the new alien characters, or the Tim-Burtonesque look of levels like “Deathray” and all of the new, weird details we have added.  With the powerups, we are providing a new experience on an existing element – adding visible devices to players who are using them.  At the moment, it’s not completed, and there are plans for further enhancement of it to really up the “wow” factor when you see a player use a powerup.  Pictured above is “Alien Force”, pictured below is “Double Damage”.


Sproing and Haste will also receive “devices” when picking them up, that will similarly look pretty wild and crazy.  We plan on adding some animation sequences for when they activate, fire, and move.  There will also be a pretty dazzling light show as well.  We are at a point now with the content largely settled, and the engine rounding the bend, where it’s time to implement some more innovative ideas into the game, polish it to a level that can make it stand out from the rest.  I will keep you informed…

I’m going to post a lot of articles between now and Spring 2017, the expected release time of the game.  Mostly, I’m going to post about many of the levels in the game, and how they came to be, and how they are supposed to play, as well as what we changed this time around, and even over the years in cases of maps that have been around for a very long time in one form or another.